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Firstly I didn't know how to beggin my blog and what problematic to chose. But text after text, I have found my unifying thread, and in which way to develop my blog. It is for this reason I've changed my problematic because a lot of people, after reading my blog, says to me : " wow I didn't know this phenomenon and what is a metrosexual! " This experience of writting a blog on the metrosexual have developed my argumentation and knowledge about this subject. Finally, I've enjoy to work on it ( the blog and the metrosexual ) because both are original. Particularly the blog because it's better than a writting dossier! I think my work is complete because I've tried to review this subject and to make it attractive !

Many thanks to Virginie!!


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To conclude, there is no denying that the metrosexuality is now a fact in our society, anda huge number of men loves to be considered as a metrosexual.

Anyway, to answer to my problematic, we can define metrosexuals as men who spend a lot of time and money for their body. But this fact of society is limited at these men attitudes. Thus, this way of life has intailed a huge economical and commercial consequences. Indeed, women chains have created a new fashion sending men beauty products, hairdressers, salons, magazines, clothes, … every things which can concern the appearance. In addition there is also a special chain which have been created justb for the metrosexuals ( Metro ), sending beauty goods.

Finally this market is successful because the huge number of novelties are very appreaciated by metrosexuals custumers and, moreover, this market is growing fastly. However, this " movement " is not very appreciated by some people, because, some of theim, reproach at the metrosexuals that they influance too much our society. 

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A gay influance for fashion behavior!

May 11, 2006 at 10:22 am (Uncategorized)


 This is an TV programme where gay change the look of persons to a metrosexual fashion. An American programme of course!!

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Just few details….

May 11, 2006 at 10:14 am (Uncategorized)


Perhaps this worker is a metrosexual, but I think a real metrosexual would have remove the hair from the lower part of his back!!!

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Are These advertisings pornographic??

May 11, 2006 at 9:21 am (Uncategorized)


These ads are from Abercrombie and Fitch, a metrosexual chain. We can see that the body is valuated, that it is a metrosexual caracteristic.

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a little summary of this phenomenon ( text 5 )

May 6, 2006 at 2:10 pm (Uncategorized)

The first used of the word " metrosexual " was in 1994 by Mark Simpson denouncing the increasing rise of men's magazines as the production of men's fashion clothes and beauty goods.
There is, all around the word, representation by huge chains, of the metrosexuality.
Metrosexuals want to do as women but in the aim to care of theimselves, remaining a masculine style.

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text 4 : Stereotype and arguments non-founded, I really don’t agree with this article!!!

May 3, 2006 at 8:48 am (Uncategorized)

This article written by Mark Simpson about the metrosexuality is criticizing metrosexuals. The author is always making comparison with one person : David Beckham, because he is considered as the symbol of metrosexuals. In addition,  in all his arguments, I have always felt that Mark Simpson hates David Beckham and metrosexuals, and I think he consider that the metrosexuality is a scourge.

At the beginning, the author make a portrait of metrosexuals according to the personnality of David Beckham. For this point of view, I agree, except for few details, the opinion of Mr Simpson. Ok! David Beckham often wear sarong, pink nail polish, panties a different tricky hair cut every week, and moreover he is narcissist ; these facts are prouved by a lot of articles and more precisely by his wife, Victoria Beckham, even if not all metrosexuals had the same behaviour. I think it is a sort of stereotype whose a lot gays and metrosexuals want to look like, because he is very famous, very photogenic and he often appear in gays magazines and in a lot of advertisings.
The fact that a lot of fashion people want to look like at David Beckham is because he is very present in a lot of advertisings for new fashion clothes, anyway, these are one of the most expensive.
Also, other important stars had impulsed the fashion, as one of the singer of Village People who is gay, but it isn't a generality as can say the autor. Indeedhe says that gays and metrosexuals have refinded the taste and effeminated the guys creating a new effeminate fashion chains like, in USA, Abercrombie and Fitch. Anyway, he allude that ads from these sort of chains are very erotics and look like a gay sexual relation. However, I don't think so ( because I've been into these shops in USA ), ads are just representing cute guys sometimes semi-naked or all-dressed but wearing clothes of the chain in a normal position as a lot of other ads. The erotic point is just the musculation of the models and nothing else. Metrosexuals are very close to gays because they often have the same taste, the same interrest in fashion but it isn't a reason to say taht a metrosexual is a repressed gay…..

Otherwise, in a second part, Mark Simpson had written non-founded and very agressive arguments.
Firstly, he says that a metrosexual, in the manner which he is dressed, is a way to ask to be fucked, and the anal sex is the only grail in a metrosexual sexuality!!? This is a perfect example of a violent and agressive argument to criticize metrosexuals.
Moreover, the author says taht the metrosexual movement is influencing the cinema because in some current Hollywood's films, the actors look like at fashion models. For example, according to Mark Simpson, the transformation of the Spiderman hero is seen as a metrosexual change. I think it is exagerated because even if the hero is admired by a lot of people in the film ( and particularly by a woman ), the hero doesn't looks like as an effeminate and "body-careful" man, he is just physicaly tough, as a lot of heros in films.
In other words, according to Mr Simpson, metrosexuals want to be the center of the attention. Nevertheless, I don't so, in my opinion theu just like to take care of theim and be dressed fashionly as much as possible. Thus it is this way of life that make theim admired by a lot of people for their style.
Ok! Maybe David Beckham loves to be admired but it isn't a reason to generalisate.
The most funniest thing is when Mark Simpson prouve that Eminem is a metrosexual, that's the limit! ( unbelievable !! ) I can't imagine that Eminem consider himself as a metrosexual. Perhaps he likes David Beckham ( I don't know ) and perhaps his shows are a perfect demonstration of exhibitionism but that's got nothing to do with it ! Furthermore, it is not enough to say that this singer is a metrosexual.

Finally, I have seen that Mark Simpson always compare his examples to David Beckham. Nevertheless he is certainly the symbol of the metrosexuality movement but it's not just few details in common with this symbol which allow to say that a person is a metrosexual.      

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The metrosexuality, a huge economical phenomenon (text 3 )

May 3, 2006 at 8:02 am (Uncategorized)

We can see that David Beckham is, par excellence, the symbol of metrosexuals, even James Bond who is the symbol of well dressed gentlemen hero isn't considered as a metrosexual.
According to the statement of Victoria Beckham, her husband wear her thongs and sarongs, and in addition he ties back his hairs.
Nevertheless, David Beckham enjoy be dressed and do as his wife.
In USA, a huge market have been put in place for metrosexuals. Because they love shopping, using beauty products ( skin care cream, fragrances, … ), thus chains create a new fashion and more shops for this movement. However, metrosexual are straight, that makes the difference with gay.
The huge number of novelties are destinate for this new target. In fact, in 2002, the metrosexual market constitued $8 billions in America, and this number is still growing fastly.

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A portrait of a metrosexual, maybe you can find yourself at a metrosexual?!! ( text 2 )

May 3, 2006 at 7:42 am (Uncategorized)

This text is an interview of Steve Evans by Jamil Khan and Joseph Tesvic.
Indeed Steve's nickname is Metro, refering to the metrosexual because althaught Steve plays in a rugby team, he is dressed as a metrosexual.
We can see two side on "Metro's" personality, an effeminate side and a masculinity side. On the one hand, according to the effeminate side, his favorite color is pink, it is the stereotype of the effeminate color. Moreover he loves shopping , above all in Zara's shops, and he also loves women clothes.
On a second hand, according to his masculinity side, firstly he plays rugby and like the aggressive side of his sport. In addition, in wearing pink clothes, he loves bring his masculine touch, showing his muscles.
Finally, that Steve likes in his metrosexuality is the contrast between his feminity and his masculinity.
Perhaps, reader, you can find the same personality in one of the men in your classroom, I think it's Jean Charles…

Also there is a test to see if you really are a metrosexual, try it!!

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METRO, a new cosmetic chain for a new movement…

April 13, 2006 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)


We have see that a huge market of beauty goods for men have been created. This is an example of good had been put on market by Metro. Metro is the specific chain for metrosexuals. Indeed, all the products they create are meant for metrosexuals.

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